Tuesday, 10 November 2015

My 8th Nov Sermon (and our family SRQ day)

I was afforded the privilege of preaching at St. Boniface Church, Siesta Key, FL on Nov 8th.

That gave me especial joy 'cause my sisters Maureen and Jean and their husbands  (visiting from the U.K.)  were in the congregation.

The entire service is now available for viewing at:


or if that link does not work, go to:


Click on Worship, Scroll down to Weekly Services. Scroll down to Sermons. View the service and sermon for Nov 8th.

FAMILY MEMBERS -  at the very beginning when the camera is focused on the Altar and the organ is playing,  you will see the rear view of the upper torsos of Bern (yellow shirt) and John (blue shirt).

FOR ALL The sermon itself begins at 20:04 minutes.


TODAY WAS AN SRQ DAY for the folks (the following references may well not be clear for non-SRQ readers).

I drive them through "The Meadows" so that they could see a well designed and landscaped "community"  with its various "villages".

We viewed the Nathan Benderson Park   https://www.scgov.net/parks/pages/bendersonpark.aspx  (soon to be the venue for World Championship rowing.

We went down to Pinecraft, Sarasota's Amish/Mennonite  enclave and drove the side streets to view the simple and modest Amish/Mennonite homes.  see


We drove to our wonderful Bayfront Park and took a pleasant stroll on a warmish day, with a lovely cooling breeze.


As we looked across to the Marina Jack's complex I remembered that I had taken Bern and Maureen's daughter Anne (with her husband Stuart and their daughter Olivia to Marina Jack's for lunch a few years ago)

Then it was a quick trip via Palm Ave to see the pleasant west end of Main St with its "human scaled"  one or two storied buildings, then back via 2nd street to see our lovely Selby Library, and or gorgeous Opera House.

Back on the Tamiami Trail we took a wee detour to see the architecturally wonderful Van Wezel Performing Arts Center

A world class 1,761 seat performing arts theater. The facility was originally designed by Frank Lloyd Wright's son-in-law. The lavender and purple color scheme was selected by Wright's widow Olgivanna Lloyd Wright

Then it was up to Captain Brian's Restaurant (near the airport) where we each enjoyed a delicious lunch and I introduced my sisters to "Grouper" (a super local fish).  We were there at about 1:30 p,m,, so Captain Brian's was un-crowded , and not a bit noisy.

I drove them back to my place via the Indian Shores neighbourhood, an older "upscale" area with lots of lovely bungalows, and not very many McMansions.  I will move there when my ship comes home.

Then, purposefully and deliberately I drove back home via Martin Luther King Way, an east/west road which goes through SRQ's "majority black" neighbourhood called Newtown.

I did so because it friggin' well pisses me off"  that many of my white "so called liberal" friends will not use MLK Way  because they believe  it is "dangerous",

That's bull-shitting white liberal nonsense. In truth many of them refuse to use MLK way not because it is supposedly dangerous, but because it's a road through a majority black community.

So much for liberal hypocrisy.


That aside, (and before steam comes out of my ears)  I end by saying that it was fun to give my folks a guided tour during which they could enjoy a bit of the real SRQ

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