Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Use your minds friends! (There is no "war on Christmas". and no-one has been banned from saying "Merry Christmas".)

It's the most crazy time of the year.

Once again certain segments in the "market place of ideas" are asserting that there is a "war on Christmas".

I beg to differ and ask you to bear the following in  mind:-


Retailers love Christmas.
Supermarkets love Christmas.
Restaurateurs love Christmas.
The Entertainment Industry loves Christmas.
The Sports Industry loves Christmas.
The Advertising Conglomerates love Christmas.

---- etc., etc., etc.,

In short, if there was a war on Christmas, it would be a war against capitalism and free enterprise!


In these United State NOT ONE CHRISTIAN has been banned or barred from the free expression of her or his faith at Christmas-tide.    Every Christian in America is utterly free to attend the Church of his/her faith to celebrate the birth of Jesus.


The only time in American history when the celebration of Christmas was banned was when the sincere and godly Puritans/Calvinist CHRISTIANS  ruled the roost in Massachusetts. They were godly men and women, but they were most likely mistaken in their theology.


The origins of the supposed "War on Christmas"  are in part rooted in the anti-Semitic rantings of Henry Ford.  See the following, and then pause for thought.


RE the greeting "Merry Christmas".

There is a crazy/loony idea going around that the expression "Merry Christmas"  is verboten in modern America.  This is phony/baloney at its nonsensical peak.

If you disagree with me, please  post an attested and notarized account of any lawsuit or occasion by which an American citizen has been sanctioned/punished/censured for saying "Merry Christmas".

BUT BEFORE YOU GET THERE please note this:

I encountered my Jewish neighbours A and R as we walked out this afternoon.

I asked "How would you respond if someone or other wished you a "Merry Christmas"?

R said "I would also say Merry Christmas".

R  is a wise Jewish  woman who would respond to a Christian greeting on the basis of good neighbourliness.

Of course I added  "I would not say Merry Christmas to you, because I know that you are Jewish, and do not celebrate Christmas.

You heard it right there are some people to whom I do not say "Merry Christmas" because I try to be a good and respectful neighbour, who honours the religion/s of others.

NOTE ALSO  If business leaders instruct their employees to use generic greetings such as "Happy Holidays", or "Seasons Greetings" it is not because they are Grinches who wish to steal Christmas.  It because they are business owners with an eye to the bottom line!  They are acting as good free market capitalists.



Don't fret about a non-existent problem

Filled with the joy of the Lord, have yourself a Merry Christmas

Take yourself to Church to pray, and to give thanks for the gift of God in Jesus

Do as the bible instructs and be generous to the poor

And above all, develop a gracious spirit towards those workers (especially in "retail")  who do not participate in Christian worship, but who are glad to enjoy a brief holiday.

As you enjoy our Holy Day pray that they may indeed have a Happy Holiday!


The wise and wonderful Howard Thurman must have the last word.

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