Friday, 18 December 2015


The other day I viewed a You Tube video of the the Basque song "Gabriel's Message" which (in English)  begins with the words "The Angel Gabriel from Heaven Came".

It's a sweet enough song,  even though it portrays Mary as a docile woman  (that she wasn't!) .

The refrain (at the end of each verse) is "Most Highly Favoured Lady: Gloria"

But one person who had viewed this Video made a comment.  He/she  was not familiar with the biblical story,

So, she/ he did not "hear"  "Most Highly Favoured Lady: Gloria"  

 Instead that You Tube viewer thought that the words were "Most Highly Flavoured Gravy: Gloria ".

I love it!!!

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  1. That's old - my mother used to sing that (sotto voce) when she was with Rochester Cathedral auxiliary choir in the early 1960s.