Sunday, 24 January 2016

Our Mum

My first cousin Chris Finch posted this photo' on Facebook today.  It was taken in about 1983,


Chris, now a respectable adult with two children, Aaron (a young adult), and Grace (aged 12?)

Chris's Dad, Walter Charles (Wally) Finch  (now deceased).

Wally's older sister Evelyn, who happens to be my Mum.  (She passed from this life in 2002).


So Wally is my Uncle, and Evelyn is Chris's aunt,


Mum would have been 70 years of age when this photo' was taken.

She was such a pretty 70 year old.  She looks so youthful.

I hope to be as youthful looking when I am 70.  Whoops, I am already in my 72nd year!

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