Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Religious Headwear.....

.... and popular conceptions thereof


Amish Women   -  how cute

Amish man  -  nice hat, goes well with the beard

Orthodox Jewish man.  Some modern  Hasidic, and/or Lubavitch etc., etc. men wear clothing and hats which date to 19th Century Poland, Lithuania etc.  It's  so very smart!

Eastern Orthodox Christian Bishop.  Utterly exotic!

Ethiopian Christian Monks. If they were not wearing their pectoral crosses would we view them as"suspicious"?

Ethiopian Christian Bishop.  With his turban and beard -  would he be welcome in your neighbourhood? (or mine?)

Episcopal Bishop (in this case the Bishop of Cuba).   Male Anglican and Episcopal Bishops wear these pointy hats when they visit congregations to emphasize their importance.  Many of them are sweet and kind. Very few of them are extraordinarily wise.  Most of them are "bureaucrats par excellence" Too many of them "believe their own propaganda"!

Roman Catholic Nun in traditional dress,  She was to be feared, obeyed and respected,  In turn she was expected to be utterly submissive to her Mother Superior and to her male Bishop.

Modern Roman Catholic Nun.    She is utterly cool (even though her head dress is strikingly similar to a Hi-jab).


Middle Eastern Arabic and Muslim Woman.  We think that given her headgear and despite the flowers she is most certainly an incipient suicide bomber.

Middle Eastern and Arabic man.  We can tell that he is a terrorist by the way that he is dressed.

Excuse my cynical and tongue in cheek comment. 

This is a Sikh man in his traditional head dress.  It is possible  that he will be beaten up by some ignorant American, who believes him to be Muslim. This has happened in the U.S.A. (Not that Muslims should also be fair game for violence)

Please resist violence of  thought, word, action or deed  against any American citizen or immigrant on the basis of his/her head wear,  (or be stupid,  ill-informed, or Republican !),

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