Wednesday, 17 February 2016

AARGH - bombarded with e-mails from Best Buy and Verizon.

Four days after buying a Smart 'Phone from Best Buy, and signing up with Verizon, I have been bombarded with e-mails from those Companies.

Have they no idea that these floods of e-mails cause customers to become irritated, annoyed, and downright hostile towards them.


Here is an example -  (it was a header on an e-mail from Verizon.)

"Get the accessories that fit your lifestyle".

My instant reaction was along these lines:-

  "Dammit Verizon, I do not have a lifestyle.

I have a Life.  

 I haven't the slightest interest in Lifestyle products."



When someone records a voice mail, it is immediately converted into written text 

Thus I can read it, rather than listening to it.

That's particularly useful when such a voice mail goes on and on and on.  Rather than 

having to listen to the Voice mail two or three times in order to note the fine details I can 

read it all in one "swell foop"

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