Monday, 15 February 2016

PART THE SECOND My St. Valentine's gift to me.(2)

I forgot to add this:

1. As part of the purchase Best Buy gave me a Gift Card for $300 (yes $300!) as a part of "the deal".

I'll be able to use this towards  the cost of a new Washing Machine ----  (which I truly need ???  maybe).).

Of course a washing machine  would not be a need in so many places in our global village. In those places it would be an unimaginable  luxury,


2. When sending texts I can use a stylus to hand write them, and the machine will automatically translate my "scrawl" into printable text,

This is just perfect for old farts such as I,  whose thumbs and fingers suffer from age related retardation when it comes to texting.

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