Monday, 1 February 2016

Great Lunch .... Povey/Chrisman Anglo-American Friendship Society.... My beloved Penne.

1.  Great Lunch 

I relaxed and enjoyed a fabulous lunch today at the home of my Sarasosed Anglophile friends Donna and Jack Chrisman.

English Bangers,

 British "back" bacon,

"Heinz" baked beans in  tomato sauce- (so delicious!)  (a well loved food in the U.K. - and enjoyed by so many U.S. citizens who have "crossed the pond".


Jack's utterly fabulous Frittata, and the pleasure of the company of Donna, Jack with Tay and Andy ( their Westies)

Tay and Andy.  I romped with them"

2.    Povey/Chrisman Anglo-American Friendship Society

We considered our time together to be yet another meeting of  the  Povey/Chrisman Anglo-American Friendship and Mutual Admiration Society

Jack and Donna met a fair number of Poveys when their were in England last year for the wedding of their grand-daughter.

Bristol Poveys who have visited me in SRQ (including my brother Martyn, his son Sam, My sisters Maureen and Jean, and their respective husbands Bern and John) have enjoyed joyous fellowship at Jack and Donna's Table

3.  My beloved Penne

She has an ear infection which is being teated by a daily application of ear drops.  When Penne sees me with the drops  she very obligingly tilts her head to one side, making life easier for me.  Then as I massage her ear she makes that soft throaty "uuuuh" sound, just as humans often do when they experience pleasure.

Penne has her second meal of the day at about 4:15 p.m.

Soon after she will here me as I change into street clothes.  That's the signal for her to come bounding into my bedroom, carrying her stuffed "squirrel" toy called "Baby". (A gift from her English Auntie Beth).   If I laugh Penne races around the house like a banshee. Then we play a game in which she bring me her "baby", pretends to resist when I take "Baby" from her jaws, a prelude to our game of throwing (me) and retrieving (Penne).   You can all but hear her laugh!

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