Tuesday, 2 February 2016

I am a talker, but I can be out-talked.

It was probably some fifteen years ago that I slipped out of Cambridge MA on a Sunday afternoon and drove west,  in order to visit my friends Joe and Dee in Granby, MA.

 I sat on the deck alongside Dee and Joe's pool.  We sipped lemonade.

After about thirty minutes I said "Oh my goodness, I am quite the talker, I have not shut up in a half an hour"

Joe and Dee began to laugh,

Dee said: "you have not stopped talking in an hour and three quarters!"

Dee was correct.  She had "nailed me".


Last evening,  (1st February 2016) at about 5:00 p.m.  I was at the home of my dear friend Ben for some pre-dinner fellowship with Ben, Bob, Gordon, John, Rick and Bill.

Bill talked, and talked, and talked. I uttered not a word,

After about forty minutes I began to laugh.  I whispered to Rick, who was sitting on my left, and said "I am a talker, but I have been out-talked (and reduced to silence) by Bill. I can scarcely get a word in edgewise"

Rick responded with "you are not even in his league!"

What fun it was to be in the Calvin Coolidge Club, if only for one evening!

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