Sunday, 6 March 2016

Dreaming about my Dad (and other family members) nearly 42 years on.

Last night I dreamed that I was with various family members and other friends alongside a wide river.

In my dream I thought that we were alongside the Solway Firth (the western border between Scotland and England), but my brother Martyn told me that we were on the banks of the River Tyne (not far from the eastern Anglo-Scottish border).

I saw a Whale as it surfaced (but no-one else saw it).

I saw  low flying plane, about to land at Newcastle's Airport.

I saw three sky-divers.  They were setting off fireworks and flares as they descended to the ground.

WE - (by this time including my niece Anne) wandered into town.  We observed many old and gorgeous Victorian Churches, Civic Buildings and Homes.  Some were in terrible disrepair, others were as gorgeous as when they were built by those marvelous Victorian architects and builders.

WE entered a crowded room.  There I joined in a vivid and lively conversation with some of Anne's Church friends (I have never met them in real life!).

NEXT  I was in a car -  going ":somewhere" . My oldest sister Maureen explained that our Mum was,not with us 'cause she hated the smell of tobacco smoke.  (That was true in real life)..

THEN (by this time we were out of the car), I saw my Dad,  He was looking young and very healthy.

"Oh Dad" I said with joy,  "I knew that you would be here".

My Dad died in May 1974.  

So here we are, nearly 42 years later, and he "met me" in a dream. 

"Go figure" -  or do as I did. 

 I rejoiced that my Dad was alive in my dreams all these years after his death.

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