Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Psst! "Wanna" have a good time? Eat at Alma's Kouzine in SRQ (and some Fitchburg memories)

Alma's is  a neighborhood cafe on North Beneva Road  - a four minute drive or twelve minute walk from my home.

Alma's is run and owned  by husband and wife couple Alma and Benny.  They are from Albania. Like most immigrants they know the value of hard work.

It's just the place to be for superb breakfasts, wonderful lunches, and simple dinners.(BYOB - no corkage fee).

When my niece Beth and her boyfriend Jordan visited from England last October, Alma's became their favourite hang-out.

In the same vein my two older sisters and their husbands visited me (also from England) last November, they too thought that Alma's was the tops.

After one busy day I announced that I was too tired to cook, so we'd be eating "take out" from Alma's. I ordered three "Fish and Chip" take outs, knowing that there would be more than enough for five people  -  and the chips are superb!

Here is what our local newspaper had to say about Alma's in its regular "Cheap Eats" feature.


All that and more!


My Atlanta friends Steve and Rick were in town today.

If you read my blog often you will recall that I have known Steve since about 1976.  His mother Ruth C. and his grandmother Annie S. were two of the "bestest" parishioners when I served at the Church of the Good Shepherd in Fitchburg, MA.   My own Mum Evelyn was privileged to meet Ruth and Annie when she visited Fitchburg in 1976.

And in 1984 (?) I traveled from from Pittsfield MA to Fitchburg MA with my brother Martyn and his wife Wendy,  to have a Christmas Day lunch with Annie and Ruth.

(I have a good feeling that my youngest sister Ruth also met them on her visit Pittsfield).

BRISTOL FOLKS  Ruth C (aged 95)  is alive. She lives in Atlanta. She is happy, but sadly has some memory problems.

ANYWAY  back to Rick and Steve.

I was with them in Atlanta last November

see      http://jmichaelpovey-retiredpoveinsarasota.blogspot.in/2015/11/visiting-atlanta-again.html   and scroll down.

This week they have been visiting friends from Atlanta, Terry and Steve, who have a winter home in Weeki Wachee

(Yes indeed non-Florida friends, there is a town of Weeki Wachee in Florida, just as there is a town in Massachusetts named Florida, and another named Peru).

To cut to the chase  (will he ever do so? you are saying!)   Rick, Steve, Terry, and the other Steve drove from Weeki Wachee drive to my home today.

After the obligatory "adoration of Penne, and the two cats" we went out for lunch.

"Where?", you might ask.   I'll leave that to your best guess.

Then we had a simply splendid time, with great food, some excellent BYOB wine,  fabulous and funny conversation, sharing memories of Fitchburg and Atlanta, and getting better acquainted

Alma noted with a smile that I often bring my friends to her Kouzine. (Damn - I've given it away!).

It was lovely to see Steve and Rick again, and to meet Terry and the other Steve for the first time.

I impressed upon them that I am a Holy Man of God.  They remain unconvinced about that!

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