Friday, 11 March 2016

Life's minor victories (at the Mar Vista Restaurant)on Longboat Key)

I enjoyed lunch today at the Mar Vista Restaurant on Longboat Key FL., see:

It was my joy to be with former Pittsfield MA parishioners Pat and Jack McLaughlin.  They now live in Wolfeborough N.H. (a dandy town!).

Jack and Pat visit LBK every year - we worked out today that this was a our ninth annual Sarasota/Manatee reunion.

We opted to eat indoors rather than wait in line for an outdoor table.

There were five  fifty something / sixty something men at a nearby table.

They were using their "backyard barbecue/three beers/horse-shoe playing" voices.  They were noisy.

They were very noisy.

After about five minutes of this when  "I could  hardly hear myself think" noise, I approached their table.

"Excuse me", I said, "could you please use your quiet voices".

One of them glared at me.  Four of them grinned at me.

One of the four said "of course".

A couple at another table smiled with appreciation at my intervention.

And the five  fifty something / sixty something men responded well, and used their "quiet voices"!

"Whoop-dee-do" for one of life's minor victories!

(The food at Mar Vista is good  -  I had sea-food tacos),

The ambiance is terrific  -  Mar Vista is a wee bit of unspoiled "old Florida".

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