Sunday, 3 April 2016

How to spend 219 + of these

Penne and I went to see her Veterinarian last Friday.

She'd been itching and scratching a lot, and there were signs that her left ear was again infected.

There is a slight infection in that ear, but it at the outer edge and has not moved down to the ear canal.

Her itching and scratching?   Well her skins is in good shape and there are no fleas, so we are guessing that Penne is allergic to the tow or the pollen which is all around us.

It was also time for her (triennial?) anti-rabies shot and for a fecal float.

We will use ear drops, and a canine anti-histamine.

Despite these ailments, as the Vet's technician noted Penne is in remarkably good shape for a fourteen year old.

And the $219?

Examination                $57
Rabies Vaccination       $44
Fecal Float                   $35
Ear Drops                    $32
Anti-histamine              $33

Plus (purchased on the day home) $9 for pill pockets, and by mail to the County Animal Services Dept $10 for her annual licence,

She is worth it.  But I think that the Humane Society should warn potential adopters that pet health care can be very expensive,


  Penne was gentle and calm when the Vet. examined her left (infected) ear.   But she resisted mightily when he tried to examine her right (and not infected) right ear.

When I massage her ear after applying the drops she makes deep throated "uuum" sound, as if to say "I know this is good for me".

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