Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Oh glory!

There is a hoary old story of the woman who had a patch of weed infested land next to her home.

Over the years, with patience and hard labour she transformed this plot into a gorgeous flower garden, a source of joy for all her neighbours.

One such neighbour stopped by one day and said "that's a beautiful garden you and God have made".

The woman replied  "Yes, but you should have seen it when God alone took care of it".

Religious folks will often ascribe the beauty of our world to God alone.

I submit that just as humans have despoiled our planet and polluted it beyond repair (so it would seem), they have also enhanced natural beauty by their own endeavours.

Here are four examples.  Two are  the beauty of a blood moon enhanced by the railway line which appears to lead into it, and by S.W. Florida's "Sunshine Skyway Bridge"   Two are of rainbows,  (how we all love rainbows),  whose beauty is enhanced by urban landscapes.

Moon over the Sunshine Skyway Bridge,

Railway line, mist and moon (taken somewhere in the U.K)  and found by me on Facebook

Rainbow near the Greenbank area of Bristol, U.K. Photo' by my cousin Janet who lives in wee Lodge inside Greenbank Cemetery.

Rainbow over my home City of Bristol, U.K., descending into the St. Werburghs area. Photo' from the Bristol Post newspaper., most likely taken on the same day as Janet's rainbow,

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