Friday, 8 April 2016

There are only three classes of people in our world.

1.  Those who believe that Marmite is not simply the best invention since sliced bread, but that it was the greatest invention before sliced bread.

2, Those who hate Marmite with a passion greater than that of  the North Carolina Legislatures and Governor and their hatred of LGBT people.

3. Those who have never heard of Marmite (approx. 7.3 billion people).

Take a guess as to which group I belong as you read this account of my lunch today.


Eureka Brand "Graniac" Organic Bread (from California).


Sharp Cheddar Cheese made from grass fed cows in New Zealand.

A thin smear of MARMITE  from England, on the bread and under the cheese.

Yes, it was some utterly divine CHEESE ON TOAST.

Not my photo', but one from Google Images.

Fabulous lunch.  Horrible Carbon imprint,

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