Saturday, 23 April 2016

When I didn't "hear" my brother's voice.

When I am backing up/reversing I often "hear"my brother Martyn's voice saying  "use your mirrors".

I did not "hear" it this morning.

As I left my home I saw that my brand new next door neighbour had parked his car, not in his driveway, but across the street.

I "saw" it, but I did not note it. I did not use my mirrors.

So,  as I reversed out of my driveway,  I "pranged" his vehicle. ''Twas a minor fender bender on the back left door of his car.

I parked my car, rang his doorbell, and "confessed" my crime.

He was so cool about this, saying that these wee matters did not bother him.  We agreed that I would pay for his repairs, and that we did not need to involve our Insurance companies.

In an old fashioned  (and good) manner we shook hands on the deal.

This "old way" of doing business is infinitively better to having a public brawl and/or involving Law Enforcement and Insurance Companies.

He and I have a chance of becoming good neighbours.

We giggled at fact that "he knows where I live!"

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