Monday, 18 April 2016

Who has known the mind of DOG?

When I adopted Penne some years ago, the experts at the Humane Society of Sarasota County advised that I should always enter my home first, and then invite Penne to follow me.

"This", they said, "would establish that my home is my territory, into which Penne is welcomed as a guest".

It's worked.  I have established a routine to which Penne has responded well.

We enter the porch, and I begin to chat to Penne.

"Take off Penne's leash" I've said.,

Then "Take off my shoes", and "open the door".

Once inside I have said "hang up Penne's leash" and "take off my hat".  At which Penne has entered my home from the porch, and raced to her bed,

That's been the routine for seven years --  until now.

NOW,  when I open the front door, Penne stays on the porch until I cajole her to come inside,

Once inside she stands firm by the front door until I urge and beg her to come all the way in to her bed , saying "Penne this is your home, you are always welcome here".

Then and only then does Penne relax and walk to her usual resting place.

Holy Scripture says "Who has known the mind of God?"

If you can figure that out then please, I pray you,   let me know "who has known the mind of Dog?"

My darling Penne

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