I posted this on Facebook today.  It was well received, so now I add it to my Blog.

From a British born American Citizen.

(1) Brexit (however dreadful) is not the end of the world

(2) The stockmarket is not the economy,

(3) The economy is not the stockmarket.

(4) Do not allow Brexit to move your attention away from Climate change, and from Global warming, and from overpopulation, and from diminishing natural and food resources, and from the pollution of the land and the oceans, and from rampant international militarism,.

(5) Do not panic - that plays into the hands of the oligarchs and the oppressors.
(6) Continue to work for justice, human rights, environmental integrity, and against the world-wide oppression of girls and women and human trafficking.


  1. M9chael, you give me faith that not everyone has lost his/her mind. For a few moments after the news from Britain, I felt a momentary kinship the fellow who managed Bousquet's ski center here in Pittsfield after one of those unseasonably warm winters years ago when he believed he was facing bankruptcy. When a caller asked him how he was doing, he answered, "I'm sitting here spinning the chambers of my revolver." Thankfully, he didn't proceed further. And we shouldn't either, as you have argued. Rory


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