Chip AND Pin (not Chip OR Pin)

United States businesses (ever progressive!) are finally installing Chip and Pin terminals, and issuing Chip and Pin credit and debit cards (trailing Western European countries by about ten years!)

All well and good but most businesses seem to think that the terminals and cars are Chip OR Pin.

Where's the security in that?

There is (maybe) hope!   For the first time, when I was at a store this afternoon, I was required to insert my debit card AND enter a pin.

Whoop-de-doo,  Surely that is the whole point of this added level of security.

Since I was using a Debit Card I remembered my pin.

Next I must go to the websites for my Credit Cards and make sure that I have a pin which I can remember!


Incidentally, when I buy gas/petrol I never use the terminal at the pump. Too many of them have been infected by cheating skimmers.

So I use my Debit Card to pay for my petrol/gas inside the store and not at the pump,



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