Monday, 20 June 2016

Yet more partying!

I have been parting with friends a lot in recent weeks.  Whoop dee doo!

Today I was at for lunch at a  celebration of my tenth anniversary in SRQ 
at lunch with my local friends Kay Dahoney and Barbara Dunne (members of the congregation I served in Pittsfield MA) and now residents of  Bradenton, and with Ron and Charlotte Thompson, who were introduced to me by the secretary at St. James's, Cambridge, MA, Judy Beers  when I retired to SRQ in 2006.

It's been my pleasure to introduce Kay and Barbra to Ron and Char, but it's been a while since the five of us were together, 

I brought us together to celebrate my 10th anniversary of life in SRQ

Turns out that this past weekend was Ron and Char's 51st wedding anniversary, and Barbara and Kay's 50th anniversary of life together in a loving and committed relationship.

So I am calling this the 111 anniversary:  51 for Ron and Char.,  50 for Kay and Barbara, and 10 for me

We had a great party at Brio in a relaxed and unhurried environment, with good food, and a waitress (she didn't have a name badge)  whose service was par excellence.

Yet more partying please!  It's one of the great joys of retirement (together with ministry at St. Boniface Episcopal Church).

I had my Smart-phone with me at lunch, bur in the joy of our great company and good meal I forgot to take a picture.

Just as well.  We were there for good food and human companionship, not for a photo-op.

Here are some older photo's

Ron and Char (in  Paris I think)

Barbara in my home at a party when my brother Martyn, his son Sam,and Sam's pal Toby visited me.

Kay in the background (far left) at that same party.  She is chatting to Ron, even as Andi Taylor of St.Boniface Church mugs it up with Charlotte.

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