Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Silly me

It was probably in October of 2015 that my Dental Insurance Company wrote me a letter, asking why I had not cashed their refund check/cheque from May 2015.

I returned their form, and by my signature I asserted that I had not received that check/cheque,

Two or three months ago the Insurance Company sent me an identical form, once again asking me to assert that I had not received my refund, I completed the form and mailed it to them, noting that this was my second reply.

So I have been awaiting the refund of just over $111,

It did not arrive, so today I checked my records so that I could call the Company to claim the refund,

I found a letter from them, dated  May 2015 which  had the header "This is not a bill", a letter which I had filed without reading,

 Careless me -  I had filed a letter before paying attention to its entire contents,

As I read it again today I discovered that the "this is not a bill" letter also included my refund cheque/ check which I had never seen or noted.

The cheque/check had a shelf life of 180 days, so it was no longer cashable or bankable,

( Back in the days when I worked for Westminster (later National Westminster) Bank (U.K.) we would refer to such cheques as  "Stale" or "Out of Date".

So today I called the Dental Insurance Company and confessed my error,

An entirely competent Clerk understood my problem, checked my records, and assured me that a refund check/cheque would be mailed to me within 14 days,

Hurrah for this part of the  private sector, Cigna   at its very best,

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