Friday, 10 June 2016

You know that I've had a quiet day when............

.......  this is the best I have to offer today.

Glen Oaks Ridge where I live has no sidewalks/pavements.Our main drag (Glen Oaks Drive East) is also a short cut which  "outsiders"  (oh how the human race love to hate outsiders!)  use to get to the Bobby Jones Golf Club.

Many has been the time when walking Penne,  I've had to leap onto the grass to get out of the way of these speeding "outsiders".

Our Condo.Association Board has frequently discussed the idea of speed tables, but it  has been voted down year after year, until this year.

This year the Board voted in favour.  I had e-mailed my support in the hope that such speed tables would help to slow traffic down and  thus create safer walking conditions for pedestrians.

Whoop-dee-do -  we now have the tables which are well designed and well marked,

'Tis not exciting on a world scale, but it gives me pleasure on a local level.

P.S.  I first encountered speed bumps or tables when I was in Kenya in 1973 with a group of seminarians from St. John's College, Nottingham, U.K.

In Kenya they were called sleeping policeman.  

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