Monday, 6 June 2016

Tropical Storm Colin - a word for those who know Sarasota

Tropical Storm Colin passed by us today,  It is, as many meteorologists have noted, "a disorganized storm" with its centre (if it has a centre) way out in the Gulf of Mexico,

I live about seven miles east of the Gulf, as measured from Lido Key to my home.  Today  I have seen some very heavy rainstorms, and a few ferocious wind squalls, but nothing dangerous.

In one of those squalls I delighted in the sight of some Live Oaks  (maybe 60' high) as they writhed in the wind.    It was a beautiful sight which reminded me of Psalm 29 v 8

"The voice of the LORD makes the oak trees writhe".

I've also enjoyed watching the crows who with their daring-do (sp?) seem to rejoice in riding the winds.

In my neck of the woods we've had a wee bit of local flooding, and a few fallen branches,  But there have been breaks in the storm which have enabled me to walk out with Penne,

I have lifted these photo's  from the net.

Crows in the Wind

Near St, Armands Circle today (not far from the Gulf)

Siesta Key Beach today.

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