Wednesday, 1 June 2016

There is such a thing as a "free lunch" ? I had two today.

How fortunate I am!

Yesterday I called my local handyman business  Meyer Makes House Calls  (owned by David Meyerburg - sole owner and worker)  941 993 9756 and asked him to make a few repairs in my home (clearing a clogged drain, returning a sliding glass door to its track, and repairing a folding door in my bedroom).

David returned my call early this morning, and was at my home by 1:00 p.m.  He worked for about an hour.

I went to get my check/cheque book to pay the bill.

David refused any payment.  He said that he is glad to work  for me, and that he enjoys our conversations.

A free lunch!


One day last week a car drew up  alongside me at a traffic light,  The driver told me that my left side brake light was not working.  So this afternoon  I took myself to a local repair shop

Sam's Auto Repair is an utterly reliable and honest business.  I have used them for at least seven years.  Today, within ten minutes, they had replaced a dead light bulb with a new one.

Their front desk clerk said "no charge".

'Tis true that I have parted with many a greenback at Sam's,  but it is also true that I appreciated the "free lunch" which Sam's gave me today.


In between David Meyerburg's visit and my trip to Sam's  I went down to an Independent Bookstore on Main St, SRQ

I was there to purchase a wonderful book which I had recently borrowed from the Sarasota County Library, and now want  to purchase as a gift for friends,

 It is (see my blog from a few days ago, and buy or borrow it).  c/f  You want AWESOME? Try Alexander Von Humboldt

The book is The Invention of Nature - Alexander Van Humboldt's New World" by Andrea Wulf (Alfred A Knopf 2015).

Sarasota Books did not have it in stock, but they have ordered a copy for me.

I could have purchased this book at Barnes and Noble, or ordered it via Amazon. But just so long as there are local and independent businesses it seems wise to spend my dollars with them, and thus to be grateful for the free lunches which they send my way.

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