Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Penne's Ministry

I have been taking Penne on my pastoral calls to a St. Boniface parishioner, (C. H-K,) who lives at the "Hawthorne Village"  rehab. and health centre here in SRQ.

Penne is getting used to these visits, but she gets confused when we alight the elevator/lift.  She cannot understand why we are in a "room" with no windows or doors.

C.  appreciates my visits (to share Holy Communion), and he is always glad to see Penne. Yesterday he gave her haunches a good scratching -  and Penne was in heaven.

Other residents brighten up when they see my dog.  For instance as we visited yesterday a woman who is also  resident of Hawthorne Village took a great interest in Penne (and who would not!).

This woman came closer in her wheelchair and handed me a post card.  "This" she said, "is a gift for Penne"

It was a photo' of a bronze sculpture by Alberto Giacometti, entitled "Le Chien".  How the woman happened to have this card in her bag is a mystery to me, but she said that she is a great fan of Giacometti.

"Le Chien" Bronze Sculpture by Alberto Giacometti. Such amazing artistry and  skill .

I encourage you to do your own Internet searches for more about Giacometti, and about the Wexner Family Collection where this sculpture is housed.

I know that you will be delighted to know that my dog has an important role in my ministry.

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