Perhaps I will be in deep trouble

Ever since senior cat Ada left us last week

Poor skinny Ada

Junior cat Adelaide has demanded attention as only cats can

Adelaide looking at the birds outside.
She has been around my ankles whenever I have been seated;  znd mostly when I have wanted. to read a good book.(This is new behaviour) 

But mostly Adelaide has demanded  to be outside  (to search for Ada maybe?).

Adelaide takes no prisoners.    She begins her yowling to be let out  (and it us a "yowl" not a "miaow") as early as 4:00 a.m., and she keeps it up for up for as much as forty-five minutes; indeed she keeps it up until I bow to her superior will.

I think that domestic cats should also be indoor cats.  In principle I prefer to keep them inside where they will be much less susceptible to disease, and  unable to prey on small birds.

Nevertheless my high minded principles have had to submit  to Adelaide's  incessant pleas.

All this is in the face of the rules of my Condominium Association: rules which insist that cats be kept inside.  

I respect those rules in principle,.  

I disrespect the rules  when "Addie" has worn me down with her sad cries.

The Condo Assoc. has the right to fine me, or to imprison me, or  to transport me to Catalonia.

I refuse to bow down before the rules in the face of these possible penalties. I will allow Adelaide her freedom ........

..... except and unless the Condo. Assoc rules that I be flogged with  this

Do you know what it is called?

Tongue in cheek as ever!


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