Do not sit near me in Church tomorrow.

You will remember that I have been allowing Adelaide to go outside.  She yowled me into compliance after Ada left us.

It was a big mistake.  Adelaide did not come back in our home alone.  She transported unwanted guests; undocumented immigrants.

Adelaide gladly introduced some  (many)  of this immigrants  to Penne.

I have been de-fleaing my dog, my cat, and my home.  

Luckily the only carpeted room is the guest bedroom entrance to which is banned for my pets.  Nor are the pets allowed to rest or sleep on any of the soft upholstered furniture.

Penne's bed had lots of small blood spots, as did an area rug on my Lanai ( one of those hard textured indoor/out door one)  on which the cats were allowed to scratch, and Penne loved to roll.

I decided that cleaning the rug and the bed (both well beaten-up and about nine years old) would not necessarily rid them of fleas, so they are on the way to the dump. 

Penne will have to wait for a new bed until I am as sure as I have rid my house of the fleas and their eggs.

That's a work in progress - so please do not sit next to me at Church tomorrow.  I may be an unaware carrier of  Ctenocephalides canis


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