What shall we call him? Jack? John? Captain Jack (USN Ret.)? Fr. Jack?......

...or could it be "dedicated raconteur?" or "chef extraordinaire?"

Here he is with his good wife Donna and with me

Photo' from a couple of years ago.

We know each other from St. Boniface Church, Siesta Key, Sarasota FL

Jack and I are Priests of the Episcopal Church, now retired.

Jack is a talker (with many old stories).  So am I!

Donna is one of the best listeners in the world.  She and I have great respect for his double career,  first in the United States Navy, and then as an Anglican Priest.

I had lunch today with Donna and Jack (and with their delightful Westies,   Tay and Andi.)

Jack Chrisman is also a superb chef. (is there anything this man cannot do?!)

I tucked into his superb home made Quiche, made  with shaved Brussels Sprouts.

I like Quiche.,     I very much like Brussels Sprouts,    So this was a double winner for me.

Shaved Brussels Sprouts courtesy of "Trader Joe's"

Leftover Quiche for my Sunday lunch

 I'll think of Jack and Donna on Sunday  as I eat this -  cold - with potato salad, sliced tomatoes, and watercress.


  1. Glad you enjoyed lunch Michael, I probably talked too much but, OH well. Loved having you with us.


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