Friday, 2 September 2016

Ada goes to the Vet.

She is such a gentle cat who will jump onto any willing lap for a bit of TLC.

She and I went to the Vet's Office today.

I described her symptoms:  -

(a) weight loss (from 10 lbs to 5 lbs).

(b)  drinking a lot.

(c) eating as much food as I put out.

(d) looking like a "raggedly Ann".

She is not well.

There are three possible reasons:

(1) Hyper-active thyroid gland, (common in older cats).

(2) Diabetes.

(3)  Kidney disease.

The Veterinarian is inclined to believe that she has a hyper-active thyroid gland, but he is a man of science as well as intuition.

So he drew blood, and extracted urine.  These samples will be analyzed over the weekend.  We should get the results by Tuesday  (Monday is a public holiday).

Ada was so gentle and cooperative as she went through the indignities of being shaved (for the blood draw); the blood draw itself, and the insertion of a catheter to extract urine.

(Should the diagnosis be correct be correct I will "let her go", with tears. She would be on meds [two pills a day for life ] which would  ameliorate her condition, but never cure it.  That does not seem wise for a fifteen or sixteen years old cat - darling as  she is.)

Between now and Tuesday I will shower her with affection, and let her eat as much as she demands!


When we returned home our Dog  ("St. Penne of Sarasota") was utterly anxious until I released Ada from the cat carrier.

That being done Ada decided that the collapsed carrier made for a splendid bed.

Ada on her cat carrier, looking like an odd and giant Ladybird/Ladybug.

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