Thursday, 6 October 2016

My friend Lee Y and our Taco adventure.

I met Lee through our mutual friend Diana E.

She  (Lee)  is a delightful (and as wee bit frail) woman who lives here in SRQ at a fine retirement community called "Plymouth Harbour".

Earlier this year I met Lee after one of her hospital appointments, with the express intention of treating her to lunch, and then driving her home.

We had a good  lunch at the "First Watch" breakfast and lunch cafe at the intersection of Bee Ridge Rd and Cattlemen Rd.  After lunch as  we made our way through the parking lot we passed a "Taco Bell" fast food joint.

Lee exclaimed  "oh, I love Taco Bell". I promised that I would take her to a Taco Bell, a promise that I fulfilled yesterday.  It was my first ever visit to a Taco Bell.

I learned that this fast food chain had been founded by a man whose last name was "Bell".  The name "Taco Bell" now  makes some kind of sense to me.

The one we visited was all but empty, but there seemed to be a good-ish drive up business.  The interior decor was devoid of any decorations.  It clearly was a place in which "eat and run".

Lee ordered a "Taco Supreme". It was not good - (half hot and half cold).

I had a Quesadilla, It was O.K.

The food was marginally adequate (but we weren't paying much!)

There was  (unlike McDonald's) no smell of  grease.  I got the impression that all the "food" arrives pre-cooked and frozen, and is heated in a microwave,

Poor Lee.  Years ago she had eaten a perfectly delicious "Taco Supreme" at a Taco Bell in Cincinnati. That's why, earlier in the year,  she had exclaimed "oh, I love Taco Bell".

Yesterday she was a bit embarrassed that she had recommended  Taco Bell to me. Her food had not matched her memory.

It didn't matter.  For we enjoyed an hour long conversation as we ate.

The decor and the food were utterly bland.  

Our conversation was lively and spicy. That was the point of our get-together.


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  1. Try the one on Lockwood Ridge Road an University, its always good.