Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Out with the old.( with thanks to SRQ's Mullets Appliances I recommend them)

Farewell to my old Frigidaire Stove.  It has probably been in my Condo. for twenty or more years. Certainly before I inherited when I moved to SRQ ten years ago.


Welcome to my new G.E. range.  It is basic  with nothing fancy..

It was affordable.


I bought it at the family owned "Mullets Appliances"  on Clark Road here in SRQ.  I was so pleased that the salesman did not put me under pressure to buy something fancier and more expensive. (It turned out that he was Nate Mullet: a family member).

My new range arrived today.  It was "out with the old", and "in with the new" in less than 40 minutes.

When all was done I asked the lead installer "what is it like to work for Mullets?" 

He replied "Wonderful, Good pay, good benefits, and a 401k retirement plan".


His response made me so happy to learn that local capitalistic business can have  an eye for justice, and a policy that respects and rewards the workers who help the business to prosper.

I AM GLAD that I spent my meager dollars at an enlightened  local business

YIPPEE for local traders


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