Thursday, 1 December 2016

My poor old fizzog

I get pre-cancerous spots on my fizzog, pate and neck.

They are sometimes  treated with  frozen liquid nitrogen. This is helpful to a degree,  but the treatment is not perfect.  

I have undergone Blue Light treatments, with no success.

Left to their own devices some of these spots have developed into Squamous Cell carcinomas, leading to the inevitable and necessary MOHS surgery, (five times in recent years).

And then there is a topical cream    

It works  - in due course.

But first the spots get inflamed, sore and itchy. Then they shed puss and blood. Eventually they dry up and flake off.

I have been treating some spots on my neck, below my beard line. As Carac goes to  work I've not been shaving this part of my neck.  It is not a pretty sight.

One friend asked if I am sporting the Fidel Castro look.  Nah!

Two neighbours asked if I am a "Santa in training"   No again.

But the mess is worth enduring.  It's better than allowing the spots to develop into Squamous Cell  (or even worse) Basal Cell Carcinomas.

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  1. I'll be using the cream on my lower lip, after having had Mohs surgery on the left side of the lip in order to remove squamous cell. Not looking forward to the experience, and even less so now, given your description!