Saturday, 3 December 2016

My very senior moment

Yesterday I took Penne for a short walk. When we got back home I saw a stranger folding up some shopping bags which I had left on the hood of my car.

"Excuse me sir", I said, "those of my shopping bags".    He took no notice.

Then the stranger tried to get into my car.  Again I uttered ":Excuse me sir, that is my car"

I couldn't, for the life me me, grasp what the old cadger was doing, and why he was doing it.

Then, simultaneously, "the light went on", and my brain turned on.

The stranger was my brother-in-law Bern!


Earlier in the day we  (with my sister Maureen of course)  had been out to Arcadia, FL to see the place where twenty three Royal Air Force Cadets are buried.

They had died whilst training  to fly during WWII.

It's a moving place for U.K. visitors.   (Bern himself had served in the RAF).

Bern at the RAF burial place

I drive Maureen and Bern up and down the main drag in Arcadia.    They said that it was like a scene from an old American movie.  Apart from the grievous damage inflicted as a result of Hurricane Charlie, Arcadia looks like a town that time forgot.

Having driven to Arcadia via Route 70, we came back home via Route 72, stopping to pay our respects to those women and men whose remains are interred in the Sarasota National Cemetery.

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