Thursday, 16 February 2017

A gift, and a message.


From Harry and David

This lovely gift arrived at my home today.   The label stated that it was from "Maria"..  I do not know anyone named  "Maria"  but I have a friend in Cambridge MA whose name is Mary.

I often call her "Maria".  She often calls me "Miguel".

So I suspect that my Cambridge friend is the originator of this lovely gift from the  firm called Harry and David.



I received a Facebook message today from a man who I care for, like, and respect.  We have not seen each other in at least twenty five  years.  Here is what (God bless him) he had to say:

So sorry to hear about your beloved animal friend passing... Penne looked like the most adorable, lovable "mutt" anyone could have!

I am certain you have experienced the magic companionship of pets in many ways... One which I found amazing was their ability to know when you are hurting, and will nuzzle a bit closer or give extra love in their own way...

Magical creatures, aren't they?

I hope you can consider another, in your own time... Many Penne's out there could use the famous "Povey hug!" In their lives...

My long time friend was spot on about Penne.  She was indeed "the most adorable, lovable "mutt" anyone could have! "

More importantly I was tickled pink by his reference to the "famous Povey hugs".

A friend (Benjamin) who is a Priest in the Church of South India (I met him when he was studying in in Cambridge, MA), often says that he remembers my hugs.

A parishioner (was she in Cambridge or Pittsfield?) once said that i was a "master of the sideways hug".

That was such a great compliment


There are scary full frontal hugs, often initiated and forced by males, with a ton of below the waist pressure.

There are affirming, safe, and welcoming hugs, sideways on, by which two females, or two males, or a female and a male express tender, gracious and affirming care,

I trust that my "famous Povey hugs" have mostly been safe.

And there will be a day on which another "mutt" will enter my life. He/she will not be another Penne. But she/he will enjoy my safe hugs, and I will be blessed by the loyalty and affection of him or her.


NOT YET. First I have to drain my reservoir of tears for "the most adorable, lovable "mutt" anyone could have! "

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