Sunday, 12 February 2017

How do you spell relief?

I have been under a bit of stress, arising from circumstances beyond my control,  I've needed a bit of TLC.

As I chatted with my brother Martyn  in Bristol UK) yesterday afternoon he said  "you need a Ron and Char fix"

He was darn right.    I was happy to tell him that they had already invited me to their home last evening,  for some R and R.


Thanks to my Massachusetts friend Judy Beers I met Ron and Char when I moved to SRQ in 2006.

They are the creme de la creme.

My English family members - Maureen, Bern, Jean, John,. Martyn. Wendy, Sam, Ruth,  Dennis, Janet, Steve etc who have met R and C would agree without question.

My new (since 2006) SRQ friends Ben (dec'd), Bob, Betty, Mike, Charles, John, Gordon, Bill, Patrick  etc   -  the list goes on and on -  have also met R and C and they agree that they are the tops,


So there I was last night, down at their home in the Gulf Gate area of SRQ

Ron's brother and sister in law, Bob and Claire from Beverly, MA were also there -  and that was very good.

Char knows that I like lamb chops, so we feasted on them.

Char does not particularly care for Brussels Sprouts, buy she know that I like them,so they too were on our plates.  (That's hospitality for you).

I stayed for just under two hours because I needed/wanted to be back at home with my "poorly": dog Penne.

But I drive home with a lighter spirit, knowing that in retirement I have been be-friended by splendid people, and that I am not alone in SRQ.

Last night.   Some of you may have seen this photo' on Char's Face Book page.  This version has been cropped and re-formulated by me, leaving out much of Bob Thompson  (sorry Bob!) 

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