Monday, 15 May 2017

A ton of fun (and hard work) at Sarasota's Food Bank

At 8:00 this morning a score or more of St. Boniface Church members hooked up at our local Food Bank to assemble summer  food bags for children in Sarasota and De Soto counties.

If I have it right more than 20,000 children in the two counties  (Sarasota, very rich; De Soto, very poor) depend upon food aid year round, and especially in the summer when schools are closed and school meals (breakfast and lunch) are sometimes inaccessible.

During the school year most of these children get to school on a 'bus.  In the summer months many schools still offer breakfast and lunch, but it's often tough to access them, especially ipre-schoolf you are a young child and have to walk three or more miles to your school, just to get a meal.

No carefree summers for the poor.
Be that as it may,  these children are not starving on the streets, but they are often food deprived, and go to bed with empty bellies.

This is where the All Faiths Food Bank steps in (as best it can) by providing take home bags which the young children (so dearly loved by God) can use for evening sustenance (and maybe to be shared with  pre-school siblings).

It's an utterly imperfect system, but as we sometimes say in the U.K. "it's better than a slap in the face with a wet fish!"

Sinners as we are,  we St, Bonificians (with three or more people from other places) were able to assemble one thousand and seventy (1,700) summer packages in the space of two hours.

Former St, Boniface Senior Warden Doug F. was our cheer-leader (sans pom poms and a short skirt))

A retired priest who is well known at St. B's provided tongue in cheek humour ( I love to have a new audience!).

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