Saturday, 20 May 2017

Glen Oaks Ridge Condominiums, Sarasota FL

We are a community of 197 or so smallish, but two bedroomed units situated conveniently mid way between 1 75 and downtown Sarasota (and within sight of the Bobby Jones Golf Club)..

We are people of modest means, no one is very rich  (and a few are are barely hanging in there).

I've just done a mental survey which reveals that  fourteen of the twenty four units in my immediate area are occupied by single people (divorced, widowed or never married). That's probably representative of the entire Glen Oaks Ridge community.

Three other owners in my immediate  locale are also U.K. born. - from Newcastle, Windsor, and Sheffield.


I have a beloved first cousin in  Bristol U.K. who lives in a City owned urban cemetery.   It's an older place, probably created in the late 19th Century.  (The remains of my four grandparents  are interred there).

My cousin and her partner live in the Cemetery Lodge  (he works for the City).  It's a charming home almost like a country cottage, though sadly in need of some modernisation by a cash-starved City Council.Their only tenant duties are to open and close the big iron gates every day.  Once that is done it's almost as if they lived in the countryside.

In the summer Glen Oaks Ridge empties out as many owners go north.

My community then feels like a cemetery (but utterly devoid of the quiet charm of my cousin's home).

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