Friday, 26 May 2017

The Celebrations continue (and why not!)

May 26th -  by birth date

Super and relaxed dinner at the home of my great Gulf Gate SRQ friends, Ron and Charlotte Thompson (and with Ron's sister Karen and her husband Den).


Karen and Den


Birthday ice cream

Terrific gift from Ron and Char  (I know next tk nothing about Hamilton


My beloved Aunt Irene recently moved from her Flat in Bristol to a splendid Memory Unit in a good "care home".  As her daughters, (my cousins) cleared out her flat they discovered a veritable treasure trove of family photo's

Cousin Janet sent me one today.  I had never before seen it.

Here I am with my twin sister outside of the house where we were  raised.  Are we maybe three, or four years old?.  The presence of the perambulator (what a wonderful word!) confuses me. It certainly was not for Elizabeth and I  - we are far past that stage.  It cannot be for our brother Andrew for he was born in 1950 when we were already in what Americans would call first grade.

I love my sister's mischievous look, and I like that I was bearing a nice smile.

What nice children!

Thanks Janet!

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