Thursday, 20 July 2017

More thoughts on my Hotel in Durham, N.C.and the "Negro Motorist Green-Book".

If you read my Blog or Face book posting yesterday you will recall that I had a great experience with some of the staff at the Hilton Durham (near Duke University).

The front desk, shuttle'bus, maintenance and housekeeping staff were terrific. They know the blessing of hospitality, that's because with one exception they were all black. The black American response to white American racism is often disarming and radical hospitality.

You will be surprised to know that the management staff were all white 😬😩

What a shocker  (tongue in cheek).


A goodly proportion of this particular Hilton's guests were black.  This caused my mind to go back in history.

It is within my life time that black Americans would have been hard pressed to find a Hotel in Durham, in all of the southern States, and in many places in the north,

There was de jure segregation in the former confederate states, and de facto segregation in most other states.

That led to the publication of

a gazetteer of safe places for Negro (the word black Americans used) travelers.

Did you know that such a publication existed?

Have you ever thought why it was vital and necessary?

Read more about it here

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