Tuesday, 18 July 2017

So grateful for the G.O.P.

For once I am grateful for the G.O.P. Senators.

There is good ole Mitch

He is very good at getting G.O.P Senators to say NO.  (what a destructive force he is), but he cannot get those Senators to say YES. (The politics of NO is the easy bit).

And I am a wee bit grateful for the few G.O.P. Senators who will not allow the Tea Party Tail to wag the entire G.O.P Senatorial Dog.


The Poodle

Vice-President Poodle (Pence) was allowed to speak today.

He was brilliant.  He said that Obamacare (the Affordable Care Act) has failed.  But he failed to give any explanation as to why he thinks this is so.

(Agreed that the Affordable Care Act needs improvement [most Acts do!]) but the G.O.P. has no vision, no plan for improvements)

For the Just Say NO G.O.P.  is hell bent on undoing any of President Obama's successes,  simply because he was President Obama.

I wonder why this is so!

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