Wednesday, 25 October 2017

In with the new

Since my 2006 Hyundai Santa Fe could no longer be trusted (sudden and uncontrollable acceleration problems - very dangerous ) I bought my first new car since about 1981 .

It's a 2017 Kia Forte -  $5,000 off for an end of season model.

A bargain?  I hope so.  The bank and I will own it for three years, then it will be all mine.

( I rented a Forte a few years ago when I was in Connecticut for the ordination of Ian Douglas as Bishop of Connecticut. I liked the car then, so it was my obvious choice now).

No bells and whistles, but it will serve me well.

The Sunset Kia (Sarasota) Manager asked me if I was excited to get a new car.  I replied "no".  He countered "then a car is no more than a means of transportation for you". He got it right.

One the other hand the AAA Auto Insurance man in Tampa was bursting with enthusiasm about my choice.. He also  had once rented a Kia Forte and said that I had made a good choice.

Of course I wish that I could rely on public transportation, but that is next to impossible in Sarasota.

So, on the whole, I am glad (but not excited) to have a new set of wheels.