Monday, 13 November 2017

Pins and Needles (and a good family visit)

Darn it all, I am getting Pins and Needles in my right leg when I drive my brand new Kia Forte Car.

So much so that my leg goes numb - with possibly dangerous results.

Driving north on Beneva St (Sarasota)  last Saturday evening I lost all sense in that leg.  I came to the Amish Road Crossing just a wee bit south of Bahia Vista,but as an Amish woman tried to cross I pressed the accelerator instead of the brake.  I zoomed past her, and no-one was hurt.  But it was a close call.

Today I bought a seat cushion for the car to raise me up a bit.

It seems to be helping.


My good brother Andy and his wife Izzy are here from the U.K..  It is so good to see them.

They are staying at  on Siesta Key

Izzy and I had lunch at Panera Bread today (Andy was sleeping off his jet lag).

After lunch I drive them up to the big parking lot on Siesta Key so that they could enjoy the  which they did.

Then they walked on the beach the mile back to the Island Beach Resort.


Tomorrow (Tues 14th)  I will treat Izzy and Andy to a calorific-intense  breakfast at

so that they can savour some of the Amish/Mennonite heritage in SRQ,'

After breakfast they will come to my home to pay the obligatory obeisance to my cat Adelaide  She expects nothing less.


\Then we will head down to the

to see if I can find a replacement  for the irreplaceable  PENNE

Goodness gracious, how I miss her.

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