Thursday, 16 November 2017

More Fun and Games in Sarasota

Andy and Izzy took a Le Barge Boat Tour out to Sarasota Bay.

La Barge Boat coming into Dock this afternoon, complete with Palms in the top deck.

They saw some "ginormous" houses some of which which are owned by the idle rich, and some by retirees who worked and saved well to fund their retirements.

Izzy and Andy were more impressed with the marine life. They were lucky enough to see some Manatees and many Dolphins.  Wow!

The next two pictures are from Sarasota Bay but they were found on Google images, i.e. Izzy did not take them

We treasure the Manatees  in Sarasota Bay

\And we adore the Sarasota Bay pod of Dolphins.

I hooked up with my brother and sister in law after their boat trip and took them to the always reliable "Captain Brian's" on Route 41 at the back end of the airport.  

We were each more than well pleased with the food we chose for lunch.

Captain Brian's is as unpretentious as it could be.  I have taken many of my family visitors from the U.K. there.  Each and every one of them has been pleased with the grub.

Captain Brian's also has a fabulous array of fresh fish to buy and  take home.  I am not planning to cook in the next few days, otherwise I would have gone home with some good haddock, or grouper, or salmon

I so much enjoy the visits by my U.K. family members.  Their visits boost my spirits, and they seem to enjoy Sarasota.  Who wouldn't?

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