Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Enough Already! (and fit me for heaven?)

Nov 30th  Heart Specialists of Sarasota

Dec 4th Routine Blood Draw for my Primary Care Physician.

Dec 6th  Dermatologist

Dec 7th Colonoscopy and Endoscopy

Dec 15th Vascular Surgeon

Dec 18th Dermatological Surgeon for yet more Mohs surgery.

Not to  mention visits to a Podiatrist and to my Dentist.

Maybe god is making me fit for heaven to live with god there (from Christmas Hymn!)

Not to mention the billing.  I will get three bills from Suncoast Endoscopy alone.  One for the Surgeon, one for the Anesthesia team, one from the Pathologist.

Medicare and United Health Care will pick up most of the charges, but I will be left with (small I hope) co-pays.

Single Payer anyone?  NO.  According to the loony American Right Wing (our current Lords and Masters) single payer is Socialistic.

Thoughtful Americans know that the Right Wing Claim is

Indeed it could and should be good and efficient business practice.   

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