Monday, 1 January 2018


7:40 p.m. January 1st 2018.

It's 46f  here in SRQ:  warm by many standards in many parts of the USA, Canada and the U.K. but a wee bit "parky" for residents of S,.W. Florida.

So it was that  my dog Izzy utterly refused to go outside for a pee this evening.   She dug in her haunches on the porch, and just as soon as I took her leash off she ran inside to the safety of her crate.

The very moment I got back inside she rolled over on her back so that I would tickle her belly.

(No one does that for me!)


I ordered some dog supplies from Amazon. (It's not that I like Amazon, but they have a cool business plan, so I was able to buy stuff on line,rather than having to drive to two or three stores to get the same items)

My cat Adelaide felt a bit left out of my canine supplies until I gave her the shipping box.

Chez chat.


On Sunday 31st I visited my friend Bob in the memory unit at "Discovery of Sarasota Bay".

I wore my Australia jacket  (purchased at a bargain price at Sidney Harbour on a chilly day),

My Queen Mary Transatlantic Crossing polo shirt,

and my

North Yorkshire Moors Railway hat.


It's not that I am  bragging  (say what!)

But I am totally grateful that I have had some wondrous adventures in other lands.  

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