Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Too much cod, and a Newfie Recipe.

Detwiler's (pronounced Detwlyers) is our local Mennonite owned Farm Market with three stores. 

(The FARM bit should be in inverted commas [quotation marks].  I believe  that they get much of their produce from a Tampa Bay area wholesaler).

Farm or not,  Detwiler's has a pretty good Fishmonger counter.  It was there that I bought some Cod at a fair price.  I asked for "that big piece". 

That big piece  weighed 2 lbs! 

I lb is in my freezer.   I used the other 1 lb to make Codfish and Potato cakes "Newfoundland Style"

Some of  ones I made

I gave some to my friends C and R.   C is of Newfie heritage.  She said "  "Authentic and delicious"

He said  "Best fish cakes ever"

Nothing to do with me, I just followed a recipe.  But I am glad that C and R enjoyed them.


Just in case you have forgotten, I have a splendid dog named Zion.

He loves to put his head on my leg.  That's hard to photograph, but here is my best effort.

I should be so lucky!

Of course the import of this post is less about Codfish/Potato cakes, and more about Mr Perfect (a.k.a. Zion).

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