All in one day: Wonderful beauty and shameful Plastics.


I encountered a beautiful dog as I walked in Arlington Park, Sarasota today. It was an Afghan Hound.

Stock photo'  (not the dog I met)
The dog I met is twelve years old, is a bit skinny, and walks cautiously because of his arthritis.  

I asked the owner about shedding and learned that these beautiful beasts do not shed.

When I told her that "Mr Perfect" is in full shedding mode she told me about a product called the "Furminator", good, she alleged, for canine shedding.

There is no good reason to take the advice of a non-shedding dog owner about an enthusiastic fur-shedder (Mr Perfect), but I did!

Later in the day I met my pal John C as he was walking his two super black Labrador retrievers.  I told him about Mr. Perfect's shedding issue.  He told me that his two dogs shed a lot, and that I should buy a Furminator.

So now I have one. But there is a problem.    It is sold  in one of these ghastly "clamshell" containers.  Ugh!

Clamshells are horrid, unnecessary, and bad for our Mother Earth (the only Planet we have).

(The Clerk at the Pet Store wanted to place this Clamshell into a plastic carrying bag, not because she is thoughtless, but because she has to obey Corporate Rules.) 

Clamshells are not only unnecessary, they may well also be dangerous:

My Furminator Clamshell included this message from the State of California viz: " This product can expose you to chemicals including styrene, which is known to the State of California  to cause cancer" 

Just say no to plastics as often as you can.

If you celebrate the Easter "resurrection"  (this Sunday in the Western Church), please also work for the renewal of Planet Earth.

After all your children and grandchildren may or may not inherit the so-called perfection of heaven.

But they are sure to inherit the ecological/environmental hell on earth which is inevitable.


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