Diarrhea/Fecal Test/Some bacterial anomalies/ Oh shit.

NOT ME.  Rather it's Mr. Perfect whose had a few accidents inside because of diarrhea.

He's woken me up a couple of times and we've gone outside in the middle of the night.  But when my sleep has been deep he's been unable to alert me and has had in house poop -fests.

Of course I have not chastised him, or even remonstrated with him.

I took a sample to my Veterinarian today.  Analysis showed no major problems, but some "bacterial anomalies".  Unfortunately the vet cannot follow through until April 16th.


Mr. Perfect had his beauty enhanced today.  We were at the Groomers for a de-shedding and a bath.   He looks gorgeous (Mr Perfect, NOT the Groomer!).

I mentioned the poop problem.  The groomer asked me what anti-flea chew-able med I was giving my dog.

I told him that it is Nex-Gard.  The Groomer said that (particularly in the case of retrievers and retriever mixes) he had encountered other canines who had reacted shittily to Nex-Gard.


I went to the Nex-Gard website, and sure enough I found this advisory.

Reported side effects include vomiting, itching, diarrhea, lethargy and lack of appetite. 


Poor Mr. Z.   The medication his Vet recommended to deal with fleas has most likely had a nasty effect on his bowels, (and he has been itching mightily).

He's on a restricted diet (no kibble)  of brown rice, sweet potato, fat-free chicken. low fat cottage cheese etc until his bowels return to normal.

Unless I am mistaken one of the ingredients is a pesticide.  Wow, fancy marketing a product which allows a dog to ingest a pesticide.


P.S. So many people and dogs out walking tonight on our quiet and dead end street.   (March 29th, 8:00 p.m.).  Five dogs and at least fifteen people.  

A woman driving car oh so wonderfully slowly called out "is this a parade?"

Well, not a parade, but a pleasant neighbourhood where most people like most people.


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