Thursday, 11 October 2018

Zion's First Report Card

My family members and I have just returned from a superb twenty four hours+  visit to the Everglades, more about that in a few days.

While we were away Zion sojourned at the excellent Bayside Pet Resort.  It was his first time there.

Here is his report card with comments from the staff.

How I ate   all of my meals

What I liked to do  I loved extra outside time

My behaviour was  Absolutely wonderful

My personality  I was tail waggin' and friendly

How I slept  I felt right at home 

My potty habits  I had normal potty habits

I am not surprised, but I was a wee bit apprehensive about his first time away from home.

P.S.  Thanks to my friends Charles and Mike who stopped by the resort with their dog Toby for some play time.

Zion and I had a joyful reunion.

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