Adventures in Foodland

I'd read about these, but  usually in a history or a novel in which (for example) a western European traveler of the 18th century arrived at a market in (say) Persia and noted their abundance. "A relic of history" I thought.

A few weeks ago my ex-Sarasota-now California friend Susan R noted that she had harvested, or had been given 50 lbs of them.

I saw some in a Sarasota market this morning and bought some, not knowing what to expect, but thinking that if Susan liked them I might too.

"Oh my stars!"  I discovered a gem of fruity sweetness, with a delightfully crunchy skin.  I'll be back at the market tomorrow  to lay in a store before they go out of season.

I've never knowingly eaten one of these odd looking root vegetables so I took a chance and bought one in another market the day before yesterday.

They are a devil to peel  (do they have to be peeled?).  I cut one into small pieces, boiled the pieces, then mashed them along with parsnips and butternut squash.

Such a good and "nutty" flavour, enhancing the parsnips and squash.  Yum!


Name that fruit.   Name that vegetable.


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